White T-shirt

At ZD, we started working on a design with the simple goal of “creating the perfect white T-shirt”.  We have reworked the “iconic white T-shirt” in

san valentin_regalo_ZD

Valentine’s Day

Life provides us with many occasions to give gifts. This can mean giving flowers, chocolates, jewellery and even romantic getaways. But, did you know something?


Boxers or briefs? The eternal question

Short boxers and medium length boxers don’t seem that different at first glance, considering that both are more fitted in style than the classic longer,

What is viscose fibre

To understand what viscose fibre is, it’s important to know that vegetable-based fibres are sourced naturally using two distinct extraction methods:  1. Direct extraction from


Organic Cotton: new collection

Organic cotton is synonymous with comfort, health and sustainability. As you know, today, more and more people are opting for functional underwear that does not

Spring – Summer 2022 ZD Trends

We’re sure you’re delighted that the world of fashion is also getting back to normality and the catwalk fashion shows are back on the agenda!

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