What is viscose fibre

To understand what viscose fibre is, it’s important to know that vegetable-based fibres are sourced naturally using two distinct extraction methods:  1. Direct extraction from

Spring – Summer 2022 ZD Trends

We’re sure you’re delighted that the world of fashion is also getting back to normality and the catwalk fashion shows are back on the agenda!


Underwear as a gift

Underwear as a gift. Personal relationships come in all shapes and forms, including family, friendship and partners. Some are platonic, while others are romantic. This

Smart clothing

Smart clothing has arrived, and nightwear is no exception. The technology you’ll find in our fabrics and finishes, coupled with our timeless designs, are what

ZD style, get ready for Autumn

Style is an important part of understanding who we are and our personal identity. It’s synonymous with timelessness and permanence. Style stimulates, takes centre stage,

The colour white in ZD’s underwear

Features of the colour white White has always been associated with the symbol of purity and cleanliness, but it has its own peculiarities too. White

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