Zd underwear t-shirts, a second skin

At Zd we work on several underwear lines, but today we wanted to mention our Soya Yarn and Egyptian Cotton Zd underwear t-shirts. The fact


Christmas gift guide

Gift guide for your favorite people Christmas is one of the most special times to give gifts and ZD is on your side to give

Healthy lifestyle

  Living a healthy lifestyle should be our priority, because taking care of ourselves inside and out is essential for our well-being, self-esteem, purpose and


Rezeta, period briefs revolution is here

It’s time for a period briefs revolution. Not only is menstruation taboo across cultures, but there’s also hardly any information available on it. In fact,

Pyjamas 100% cotton for men

Spring-Summer 2022 collection Zero Defects  Discover the new collection of 100% cotton pyjamas for men from ZD Zero Defects and sleep in the comfort of “Mercerized

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