Healthy lifestyle

  Living a healthy lifestyle should be our priority, because taking care of ourselves inside and out is essential for our well-being, self-esteem, purpose and

Rezeta, period briefs revolution is here

It’s time for a period briefs revolution. Not only is menstruation taboo across cultures, but there’s also hardly any information available on it. In fact,

Pyjamas 100% cotton for men

Spring-Summer 2022 collection Zero Defects  Discover the new collection of 100% cotton pyjamas for men from ZD Zero Defects and sleep in the comfort of “Mercerized

White T-shirt

At ZD, we started working on a design with the simple goal of “creating the perfect white T-shirt”.  We have reworked the “iconic white T-shirt” in

What is viscose fibre

To understand what viscose fibre is, it’s important to know that vegetable-based fibres are sourced naturally using two distinct extraction methods:  1. Direct extraction from

Spring – Summer 2022 ZD Trends

We’re sure you’re delighted that the world of fashion is also getting back to normality and the catwalk fashion shows are back on the agenda!

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