Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle


Living a healthy lifestyle should be our priority, because taking care of ourselves inside and out is essential for our well-being, self-esteem, purpose and healthy relationships.

It is not only about taking care of body and mind, but also about improving our routine and attitude in life, improving our interaction with our environment.



At ZD we believe in a healthy lifestyle and promote sustainability, hygiene and health in our daily lives. We want to play our part and show that things can be done differently, to make people aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.




Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

The World Health Organisation defines a healthy lifestyle as a way of life resulting from the interaction between our living conditions and our behaviour as determined by socio-cultural factors and personal characteristics.


We would like to share some thoughts with you so that you can draw your own conclusions. This will help you decide whether a healthy lifestyle is important.


We believe in the importance of sleep, but we also believe in having dreams, because having dreams gives meaning to our lives and helps us to have goals.

There is a popular saying. “He who has health has everything”. And it’s true, because no goal can be achieved if you don’t take care of yourself.


We believe in eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, avoiding as much stress as possible, avoiding too much sunbathing, staying away from alcohol and tobacco or toxic substances that harm your health, being more active with some gentle exercise and maintaining good hygiene, both mentally and physically.



Personal relationships


Another reason to keep in mind is our personal relationships. “Caring for our relationships with others without sacrificing our own”


“Because taking care of family relationships, love and friendship, is as good and effective… as moving away from those who hurt us”


Self-respect and maintaining boundaries contribute to recognising our own worth and capabilities. We can meet our own needs without guilt and express our feelings and emotions.


It will surely make life more meaningful, healthier and calmer.




Being exposed to pollution of any kind can lead to a variety of health problems: allergies, respiratory diseases, heart disease, etc., which particularly affect children, the elderly or those who are more vulnerable.


At Zero Defects we believe that caring for the environment directly affects our living conditions. It affects the air we breathe, the water we drink and our environment. We are aware of all this and this is our purpose.


That’s why we create clothing that preserve your health and respect the environment, thinking about people, using handcrafted processes, organic and recyclable materials. Durable and high-quality clothing to promote responsible consumption with the mantra “buy less and use longer”.


A clean environment is essential for our well-being and that of the next generations. That’s why we should save water, separate waste and rubbish, reuse everything we can such as toys or clothes, not buy unnecessary things, recycle, use public transport, walk or plant a tree… there are plenty of options.


This way you will nurture yourself and you will nurture your children’s future. So, for all these reasons, “we believe that a healthy lifestyle is a necessity”.






Set realistic goals, try to balance your work and personal life and don’t create false expectations for yourself. The important thing is to know how to take care of ourselves and our environment, to change small things that help us to find wellbeing.


Now that we have reflected on the importance of the way we live and care for the environment, we might consider starting to change our lifestyle habits.


Why don’t you take your first steps right now?




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