Sustainable menstruation: a real alternative for women and the planet


Sustainable menstruation: a real alternative for women and the planet

When we talk about the idea of sustainable menstruation, we do so within the concern that more and more people and brands share about living in a better world.

And, if society moves towards sustainability, menstruation should not be left behind.

At ZD we take another firm step in that direction with products like our REZETA menstrual panties. More than women’s intimate clothing, they are a statement of commitment to the environment. And a real solution to address the problem of period poverty.

The problem of menstrual poverty and its relationship with sustainable menstruation

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world menstruation remains a taboo subject, and access to menstrual products is limited or non-existent.

This situation leads to what is known as period poverty. It is not only about the lack of access in the economic section, but also in terms of information and sustainable options for all.

Period poverty affects women of all ages and social strata, generating a very real negative impact. Furthermore, it implies that products that are very harmful to the environment continue to be used. Therefore, it is necessary that accessible proposals appear as a solution to these problems.

Our answer: REZETA menstrual panties

In 2017 we launched REZETA menstrual panties, Zero Defects’ proposal to the problem of menstrual poverty and pollution caused by disposable menstrual products.

Period-brief-high-absorbency classic-period-brief-medium-absorbency mini-period-brief-high-absorbency

For our brand, these panties represent a change in the narrative of menstruation. With them, we want to provide a transformative product that is also comfortable and useful.

Of course, we understand that it is very important that the solutions to these real problems of women be that: above all, useful. Therefore, we believe that the necessary change in the sector involves ideas that:

  • Be comfortable, made of sustainable materials and surpass traditional products.
  • They do not imply a greater expense, but rather generate savings, democratizing these products.
  • They can be used in any context, without causing concern to the woman who uses them.

It is about developing intimate clothing for menstruation, but with meaning. Not as just another product, but as a solution to a tangible problem.

Sustainability in every thread

Thus, REZETA menstrual panties are made from sustainable materials.

We choose to combine soy yarn, organic cotton and other carefully selected components to guarantee softness and comfort.

This has to do with the concept of sustainable menstruation, because it drastically reduces the carbon footprint left by each period. It is a revolutionary garment because it also has other important advantages.

Given its ability to withstand more than 100 washes, imagine how many disposable products you save yourself and the environment. Thus, options like REZETA period briefs are a conscious decision, which goes beyond your own well-being: you are actively contributing to the reduction of waste and the change towards more sustainable menstruation.

Products for sustainable menstruation: joining the change

REZETA menstrual panties not only seek to be a sustainable option, but also a solution to menstrual poverty.

Since they can be used so many times, they imply significant savings, in addition to helping to reduce the waste generated by other traditional menstrual products. They are comfortable, respectful of you and, above all, of the environment.

REZETA goes beyond being just another menstrual product, but is our proposal for change. By choosing sustainable period options with ZD, you are not only opting for convenience and sustainability: you are also part of the movement towards a more equitable period that is respectful of other women and the environment.




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