ZD sock collection: enjoy comfort, sustainability, and style

ZD sock collection: enjoy comfort, sustainability, and style

If you’re not familiar with the ZD sock collection, let us introduce you to our perfect blend of comfort, sustainability, and style.

From mercerized cotton to merino wool, each pair is meticulously designed to offer you the best in quality and comfort. We’re talking about unique socks that make a difference with every step.

ZD sock collection: 100% mercerized cotton for unique comfort and durability

Within the ZD sock collection, our line of 100% mercerized cotton stands out.

This mercerizing process ensures a soft and cool fabric, with intense and long-lasting colors.

Additionally, thanks to the polyamide and elastane, we achieve elasticity and breathability, ensuring a perfect fit. It provides a smooth and silky sensation on the skin, without compromising fantastic durability. These socks are the ideal choice for everyday wear.

Soy thread: synonymous with sustainability and softness

calcetín-alto-hilo-de-sojaIf you’re looking for the most sustainable option, soy thread socks are the right choice. With a composition that includes 48% soy, these socks are ideal for sensitive skin due to their antibacterial and fungicidal properties.

Moreover, soy thread is known for its softness and breathability. Thanks to its antibacterial nature, soy thread socks help keep your feet fresh and dry, reducing the risk of irritations and unwanted odors. All this with a truly sustainable manufacturing process.

Merino wool: pure versatility and comfort

calcetin alto lana merinoMerino wool is renowned within the ZD sock lines for its ability to regulate body temperature. This makes it perfect for a wide range of climates, in addition to having antibacterial properties, a soft and lightweight texture.

Thus, merino wool socks are ideal for outdoor activities and winter sports, as they offer excellent thermal insulation and effectively absorb moisture. And yes, with excellent comfort levels, in true ZD style.

ZD sock collection: quality manufacturing and seamless design

Now that you know the materials, let us tell you why we believe we have the highest quality sock collection. We design them with key reinforcements at the toe, heel, and foot, ensuring maximum durability and resistance.

Moreover, our point-to-point seaming process ensures that there is no perception of seams, providing unparalleled comfort. You’ll notice it as soon as you put them on.

Wide variety of models: which one suits you best?

The ZD sock collection offers a wide variety of models and sizes.

We’ve made sure to include everything from classic dress socks to sports socks, so you’ll always have the perfect pair for every occasion. Want to know which option is best for you?


  • Scottish thread socks: available in a variety of colors and designs, our Scottish thread socks are ideal for daily wear and special occasions. Their softness and durability make them a versatile and elegant choice for any wardrobe.
  • Soy thread socks: crafted with sustainable and eco-friendly materials, they are a comfortable and conscious choice for fashion enthusiasts.
  • Merino wool socks: ideal for outdoor activities and winter sports. Their softness and lightness make them perfect for everyday wear, providing that pleasant feeling of comfort all day long.

As you can see, our exclusive ZD sock collection is the perfect blend of comfort, sustainability, and style with every step you take. Join the sustainable fashion revolution with ZD socks!




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