Modal Pajamas for Spring-Summer 2024


Modal Pajamas for Spring-Summer 2024

In our men’s pajama collection for Spring-Summer 2024, we maintain the “Serendipity” concept and continue to focus on maximum comfort, versatility, and the quality of our fabrics.

This spring, we referred to the concept of unexpected discovery, “serendipity,” to describe our new men’s underwear collection. Now, we apply that same concept to our pajama collection, where we maintain the relaxed, functional, and always elegant style of our brand.

Soft and Relaxing Colors

In this new pajama collection, we include four new models, with pants and short sleeves, named Zeus and Kouros. These four models feature a palette of soft and relaxing colors, with blues and grays taking center stage, evoking the serenity of the sea and the sky. Additionally, the striped patterns add a touch of style and elegance to each design, offering options for all tastes and preferences.

Modal as the Protagonist

Aware of the importance of environmental care, we have carefully selected modal for our pajama collection, as it is a sustainable material of natural origin extracted from beech wood. This fabric provides twice the softness of cotton, in addition to offering extraordinary comfort and a silky, pleasant touch that facilitates total breathability, keeping the skin dry. Moreover, thanks to the natural properties of this fabric, the garments retain their shape even with frequent washing and adapt to the body like a second skin, generating pleasant sensations and guaranteeing unmatched comfort that aids in relaxation and achieving restful sleep at the end of each day.

We are excited about our new spring-summer pajama collection, designed with the comfort and well-being of our customers in mind,” says Manuel Riobó, the brand’s designer. “With modal fabric, we elevate the quality standard of our products, offering an unparalleled resting experience.”

In addition to our commitment to quality and sustainability, we remain true to our philosophy of 100% handmade production in Spain. All the garments in the collection are made in our factory in Mataró, Barcelona, where we combine artisanal tradition with the most advanced technology. Our premise: to guarantee excellence in every detail.




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