What is Slow Fashion?

Zd Zero Defects con la moda Slow Fashion

What is Slow Fashion?

Buy Slow Fashion and help take care of our planet!


Slow fashion means a new look at the planet

There is currently increased talk of a new revolution in the fashion industry. Talk of environmental friendliness, sustainability, and the slow fashion movement. But… what do we really mean when we use this term?

In reality, when we talk about slow fashion we are talking about slow fashion as a movement that arose as a contrary reaction to mass production and excessive consumption.

What does slow fashion mean?

Slow fashion is a production model that is friendly and conscious to both the environment and people. So, it positions itself as the opposite of the mass production model, or “fast” model.



Slow fashion uses the necessary resources to produce its garments while taking into account the environmental and social impact generated by each action taken. This means that resources, materials, time and effort take on great importance through the very essence of slowing down.

Slow fashion is more sensitive to both nature and the worker’s environment. In this sense, it aims to generate changes in fashion consumption and production habits, to strive for a greener future.


Why should we consume slow fashion?

The bottom line is that consciously consuming fashion encourages taking care of all processes. This way, products can be assured to be sustainable, last longer over time, and also show respect for those who make them.


This perspective means each action or process needs to be given its necessary time. That each person in the value chain carries out their activity with an ethical and responsible outlook and mindset.

Another important reason is that slow fashion is a great respite to the planet due to the overload of production and excess consumption.


Zd Zero Defects is a slow fashion brand because it uses environmentally friendly and ethical production methods.  The key elements are: respect for the environment, and the rights of employees and suppliers.


How do we live up to the slow fashion ethos?

These are some of the actions Zd Zero Defects and other companies take in order to strive for and respect the ethos of slow fashion:



  • Using sustainable and recyclable materials
  • Maintaining good working conditions and fair wages
  • Generating minimal waste
  • Producing quality clothing that will last over time
  • Creating timeless collections
  • Limited production quantities
  • Promoting the local economy
  • Striving for 0 Km production
  • Slower production times
  • Working on reducing the carbon footprint


Past and future

The concept of slow fashion leads each brand or each designer to reflect on how to revalue and best use the resources at their disposal.


Zd Zero Defects is an intimate fashion brand located in a sector and area very rich in textile resources and techniques. Heritage from across different generations has been perfectly maintained over time.

The tradition of a job well done, combined with new technologies, have resulted in the production of sustainable clothing.


New ideas and innovation in slow fashion are continually being redefined. Thanks to the efforts of those who produce sustainable fashion, it encourages responsible consumption, is friendly to the environment, and takes care of professional ethics.

It is our duty as buyers to seek out slow fashion brands and slow fashion stores, to buy slow fashion online and use slow fashion companies… Because we can all contribute our grain of sand with small acts for the common good.


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