How we design our collections?


How we design our collections?

Seasonal mini collections.

ZD Zero Defects factory launches two minor collections every year that step out of our standard line, designing outside of the classic box, with more modern and colorful patterns. We refer to them as the two pills we take a year in order to refresh our catalog and offer new models to our customers. They are limited collections that are only available until the next one is marketed.

The design process in these minor collections is the following. First, our designer elaborates a market study in order to analyze upcoming trends expected for the following year like high or low-waisted garments, leg length, prints, styles and colors that will be on fashion the following year. Fabrics also play an important role when creating a new design, and more so in the later years when the tendency has been a move towards natural and eco-friendly ones. Accessories are also carefully studied and selected; they can make a garment even more beautiful and attractive: waistbands, buttons, laces, etc.

Which is the process?

At this point, the designer in charge of the study meets with staff from other teams involved in the making of new garments, such as the marketing, production, and management teams. A proposal is then presented and the go/no-go decision is made together.

Each one of the possible pieces to be manufactured is individually worked out, patterns designed, and the first prototypes made. Those models successfully sampled will be available in the upcoming collection.

The process to launch the new pieces is long and complex. The market study implies following all fashion shows and fashion platforms, assist to fashion trade shows, interview fashion advisors, watch social media comments and tendencies, an overall huge listening and investigation effort.

This study is later analyzed taking into account our customers’ preferences and needs, and our brand’s stand on comfort, quality, beauty, and eco-friendliness.

Which is the timetable?

As mentioned earlier, we do this process twice a year, coinciding with the spring/summer and the fall/winter collections. For the first seasonal collection, the market study starts in May, the year prior to its foreseen launch. The prototypes are shown in July, sales and production stages are agreed between the months of July and October, manufacturing happens between November and January, so orders can be served starting February.

The fall/winter collection follow a similar process; designing in November, showing prototypes in January, sales closing between February and April, manufacturing from May through July, and serving orders starting in September.









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