How to choose the perfect panty?


How to choose the perfect panty?

Choosing the perfect panty seems like an easy task, but… When you get down to it and you suddenly realise there are thong-style, higher, more classic cuts… you might not even know where to start or which one will suit you best! Besides, depending on the occasion and the clothes you’re going to wear, you’ll have to choose one or the other.

So, as many of us find ourselves in this situation, today we want to give you some tips on the types of panty that exist out there, and how to choose the perfect ones for any occasion.

Know your body and the shapes that fit it

Your body and the underwear you wear, have to complement each other both functionally and aesthetically. That’s why there are as many types and styles of panty as there are bodies to which they can be adapted…

Let’s start with the classic or midi briefs, which are what we commonly know as regular panties.

classic-or-mid-rise-pantiesThis type of panty covers the entire buttock and is wide on both sides. Many women wear them during their period, as they feel more comfortable. And the truth is that they are perfect for day-to-day wear and can be worn with everything. However, if you are going to wear something very tight, it is better not to wear them, because they will mark the panty completely.


And what about mini briefs? Mini briefs are a little slimmer than classic bikini bottoms, as they have a higher and more pronounced leg cut-out but are thinner at the hips. For this reason, they are more low-cut at the front, which slims the legs more. It is a design that tends to be very flattering.

thongThen, we find the Thong panties, that are the smallest briefs available. Are considered the sexiest and fit all bodies, although not all women like them. As they do not cover the buttocks with fabric, there is no way for the seams to show under a pair of trousers or a light dress. So, the thong is also perfect if you want to wear a tight-fitting garment

Next, we can talk about the Maxi briefhigh-rise-panties, that has a retro style cut that is very fashionable. This type of panty covers the entire stomach up to the navel area, or even a little higher, and covers the buttocks completely. Therefore, they seem to have a slight shaping effect, defining the waist more. You should never combine them with low-waisted trousers or skirts, you can imagine why…

culotteAnd, finally, the Hipster panties Their cut is very similar to that of super short shorts, and they tend to look great on women with curves, because they frame and highlight the hips and give us a more beautiful and perky bum. They are super comfortable to wear and are ideal to wear with dresses and short skirts, as you have the feeling that nothing will be visible if they are lifted.

The perfect fabric for the perfect panty

The perfect fabric to take care of your intimate hygiene and your skin are panties made from natural materials such as organic cotton, silk, linen or soy yarn. That’s why at ZD Zero Defects you can find the right panties for you. Because they have been designed and conceived to avoid irritations, infections in your intimate area and have other unique properties, such as a great power of absorption and hydration.

In addition, thanks to these exceptional materials, ZD Zero Defects has developed a revolutionary product for women. Our Rezeta menstrual panties. You don’t know them yet? Follow this link to read all about how its technology works and what its properties are.

Do you now know which panties suit you best now? We hope this helped you!




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