Zero Defects soy yarn: sustainable innovation in fashion


Zero Defects soy yarn: sustainable innovation in fashion

In a world where sustainability and fashion converge, Zero Defects (Zd) is committed to doing so through innovation. In addition, this way we make a natural and ecological treasure shine: soy yarn.

In this article, we tell you how at Zd we are committed to sustainable fashion, 100% made in Spain, with a special emphasis on our line of underwear for both women and men. We also use this type of thread to produce high-quality socks. Would you like to know more about it?

Soybean floss: discover its incredible properties

Soy yarn is the secret behind the softness and sustainability of our garments. Derived from soy byproducts, this material is gentle to the touch and the planet.

Moreover, it has incredible properties that make us love it, such as:

  • Bactericidal: less body odor and more comfort.
  • Fungicide: anti-allergic and effective against fungi.
  • Great absorption power: reduces humidity to a minimum.
  • Breathable: stays dry, keeping moisture out.
  • Moisturizing: pamper your skin with its moisturizing power.
  • Thermoregulatory: dry skin and at an appropriate temperature.

Why is it so special? Because soy is an incredibly environmentally friendly material. Its cultivation implies a lower environmental impact compared to other textile materials. Let’s see it in depth.

Benefits of soybean thread

Of all the properties that we have already mentioned, as a garment of intimate clothing for men and women, we think that whoever wears it loves it because of its:

  1. Unmatched comfort: Zd women’s underwear made with soy yarn offers unparalleled comfort. The softness of this material provides a level of comfort like few others.
  2. Sustainability: Using soy thread is our way of demonstrating our commitment to sustainable fashion, backing it up with actions. And without compromising on comfort.
  3. Breathability: Soy yarn is known for its absorbency and breathability, making it an ideal choice for underwear. Keeps skin dry and comfortable all day long.



Furthermore, at ZD we have extensive collections so you can choose your intimate clothing. In that sense, regarding women’s intimate clothing with soy yarn, we have:


soy-yarn-zd-zero-defects-manOur collections of men’s intimate clothing are not far behind, with unique quality options, such as:


As we will see, soy yarn socks are a best-seller. And it is for a clear reason!

Sustainable socks for a conscious step

Zd socks also embrace sustainability and comfort.

Take a look at our collection of socks, and don’t lose sight of this: with us, quality and environmental awareness are included in every pair.

Additionally, our sock collection offers a variety of styles and colors to meet your fashion and comfort needs. Whether you’re looking for socks for work, sports, or everyday wear, you’ll find options to fit your lifestyle.

Explore our collection of socks and experience the perfect fusion of comfort and sustainability with every step you take. And don’t forget to do the same with the collection of women’s or men’s intimate clothing. With soybean yarn in Zd, you decide.




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