What to do about it and how underwear can help you?

Today, VARICOCELE affects 15% of the male population, mostly among those between the ages of 15 and 25, yet it can occur amongst older people as well. We would like to talk to you today about this disease and ways to help you with it through your underwear.

So what is varicocele?

VARICOCELE is an enlargement of the veins within the scrotum area. It develops when the blood flow to and from the testicles decreases, dilating the veins around the scrotum, which in turn means an enlarged testicular volume; additionally, the poor blood circulation may result in an increase of temperature of the entire testicular area.

This VARICOCELE comes in three different grades, from the smallest type (which usually is not visible and asymptomatic) to the strongest one (which usually implies surgery or percutaneous embolization).

For those that show symptoms, the feeling of heaviness in the testicle sac is the most common indication. This feeling of heaviness or dull ache usually gets worse throughout the day, being more acute when the person is standing up or seating for long periods of time, because the pressure builds up on the affected veins. Yet, this discomfort may disappear when the man lies down. The ache, although intermittent, usually also gets worse after an exercise routine or during a hot day.

People who suffer persistent pain or discomfort from varicocele can reverse some of the symptoms by following their doctor’s suggestions and treatments, but also simply employing the right underwear.

So what is the right underwear for varicocele?

ZD Zero Defects, as manufacturers of male underwear with over 100 years of experience, has developed and designed male underwear suitable for any occasion that may come up throughout an entire man’s life. In fact, ZD also offers underwear for those suffering from varicocele that cools the testicles and provides the right compression to improve the testicular blood flow.

The best urologists agree with the fact that the right underwear can make a massive difference in patients’ lives; it can reduce varicocele swelling and reverse symptoms. The best underwear in this case must be made with natural fibers; natural fibers facilitate skin breathing, help testicular self-heat regulation, and are apt for all types of skins, avoiding itching or other allergic reactions. Additionally, the ideal fiber for underwear must be sufficiently elastic to provide the right amount of support, but not too much compression.

Regardless the style a man prefers, whether boxers or briefs or any other type, that shall have no impact for as long as the factors explained earlier are met. Remember that the right underwear requires proper support all around the scrotum area, with no side openings that might stretch over time, and must be made of breathable material.

Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, MicroModal®, Mercerized Cotton, and soya fiber are all excellent fibers to create underwear apt for people suffering from varicocele. They are all breathable and fresh natural and organic fabrics. Regarding the needed for support, elasticity, and breathability factors, ZD’s underwear is a pioneer. ZD started manufacturing underwear that meets all these requirements more than 50 years ago. ZD is a firm believer that underwear should make you feel as comfortable as possible in your daily life whatever your circumstances, especially when you might suffer any kind of discomfort in your intimate area like varicocele.

ZD aims to help you find the type, style, fiber, and size that will best suit you. You should not fall in the trap of believing that smaller size will bring you more compression as if that were better; it is not about compression but about the right amount of support and hold while allowing the area to breath and freshly transpire.

ZD is proud to already provide underwear that offer optimum elasticity and support in every size.




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