Underwear and self-care in summer

Underwear and self-care in summer

Una razón fundamental de por qué la ropa interior ocupa un lugar importante para los hombres en la temporada de verano es porque el calor afecta a nuestra higiene y comodidad.

One of the primary reasons underwear is so important for men in summer is down to how heat affects both our hygiene and comfort.


But what most people don’t know is that selecting the right underwear can have a big impact on our health and well-being too.


That’s what makes the ZD Zero Defects underwear collection so indispensable in the hotter months. Because it takes care of everything you need in summer: it’s breathable, soft and comfortable, but above all, it offers security and well-being too.

Comfort + health + aesthetics = the perfect underwear

The underwear comes in all sorts of models and fabrics. And this can be confusing when it comes to finding what’s best for us.

Underwear seems simple, but it’s far from it. You have to pay attention to the cutting, the fit and the material if you want to avoid any chafing or discomfort.

Unfortunately, most men choose their underwear based on colour or the logo on the waistband. They don’t realise the impact the fabrics and fit have on their general and sexual health.

On the one hand, it’s a matter of hygiene. It’s about preventing our skin from coming into contact with dirt or bacteria that can cause infections. But it’s important to know that the right underwear can aid optimal sperm production too.

Summer underwear essentials

Comfort, health and aesthetics aren’t at odds with each other – they should go hand in hand. With this in mind, we’re going to set out some recommendations to help you make the right choice when you next go shopping.

Temperature is massively important, and underwear should be light to facilitate air circulation. Why? Because your genitals should be at a lower temperature than the rest of your body.

That’s why we should be wearing cotton clothing that’s both breathable and absorbs moisture. Natural fabrics are best for the hotter months, but they’re perfect for when it gets colder too.

The entire ZD Zero Defects collection is made with ecological yarns such as organic cotton and soy. These provide the skin with the natural benefits of protein as well as advantages like preventing the development of fungus and keeping the skin moisturised.

Organic cotton and soy are your go-to’s for the summer. They maintain the correct temperature, are soft to the touch, don’t irritate, and provide that all-important ventilation.

Take care over what you’re buying. Underwear is often made with synthetic fibres and elastane blends, and this can impact your health and hygiene, not to mention cause excess sweat and odour.

“Avoid all synthetic fabrics at all costs”

Wearing tight underwear is a big mistake. While we may think all we’re doing is giving ourselves better support, in reality, we’re increasing the temperature of our genitals, and this can be harmful. In summer especially we need to take extra care over our hygiene, so wear slightly looser underwear in the right size for you.

You can choose boxers or briefs, whichever you like best, but don’t get them too tight. This way, you’ll avoid irritation, dermatitis and allergic reactions that can lead to discomfort or even infection.

Looking after your underwear is another important aspect. In summer, we sweat more, which is why it’s good to make sure our underwear is extra clean by washing it with neutral soap.

At ZD Zero Defects, we make all our garments in an artisanal, ecological and sustainable way. We use the best raw materials to ensure safety, quality and comfort in everything we produce.

Our designs, with their simple lines and attractive tones, are made to be worn all day long, even for sport. We take care of every last detail to offer comfort, softness, lightness, absorption and support.

So now you know, before choosing underwear simply for appearance or to show off, remember that the most important things are comfort and health.

The post was written by Manuel, the designer at Zd Zero Defects

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