Raw materials supply chains


Raw materials supply chains

What are they?

Stretch Egyptian Cotton line

The basis of our clothing is Cotton from Egypt. Cotton fibers are extracted from its seeds and the best seed that exists is GOSSYPIUM BARBADENSE. It’s only capable of developing in two places in the world: in a small region in northern Peru and in Egypt, at the bank of the Nile River.

Egypt has a very specific climatology and along with the fertility of its land, it’s capable of producing the world’s best cotton, with an extraordinary quality that acquires the GIZA denomination.

It’s characterized by its very long fiber, excellent shine, great finesse and much resistance. Egypt only produces 0.13% of the world production, which is very little, that’s why it’s very valued and wanted. Very few people can access it. Since always we have been nourishing ourselves with this cotton and we purchase it directly from the Egyptian factories that meet all the conditions and certifications.


We also work with Soybean Yarn. China is the main producer of this type of fiber and it’s pioneer in its manufacturing. Like everything, in China there are all kinds of producers, and we supply ourselves with the most important suppliers that meet all the guarantees.

Another type of fabric we work with is Modal material

Modal is extracted from the beech tree bark, increasing even more its quality if it’s extracted from the forests of Australia. It’s a very environmentally-friendly fiber, since it reproduces itself and grows on its own. It’s not necessary to water it, since it’s enough with rainwater.

We get modal from the manufacturer “Lenzing” which is made from the fiber of the forests of Australia, with multicapillary yarns that form MicroModal. An essential feature of the fabrics made of this type of fiber is its softness. The sensation of a garment made from MicroModal yarns is “skin on skin”, being the fabric so soft.

Line made of “MERCERIZED SCOTLAND YARN” fabric

Made of 100% high quality cotton. Mercerization is only possible when it’s worked with very long fiber yarns of great resistance, and Egyptian cotton is extraordinary to achieve excellent mercerizing. These fabrics present an extraordinary shine and colors acquire very intense tones. The degree of moisture absorption is greater than in fabrics made of non-mercerized cotton (mercerizing causes the fiber to remain hollow inside and this gives it a high power of moisture retention) and it’s silky and fresh to the touch.

The best fabrics made of Mercerized Scotland Yarn are found in Italy. Our regular supplier has the “Filoscozia” certification.

Fabrics made of ORGANIC COTTON

The fabrics we make with Organic Cotton are characterized by not containing toxic substances to the skin.

Our body’s skin is a very porous organ, which absorbs in an easy and fast way the substances that come into contact with it. That’s why clothing made of this kind of cotton cause less problems to the skin, since it’s hypoallergenic.

We nourish ourselves with the best producers of this fiber, that follow all the current regulations and with all the necessary certificates. The spinning mill that works this type of yarn for us is located in Portugal.

Elastane Lycra

That’s what makes our fabrics so stretchy and makes them able to return to their total regular form. This type of material is capable of stretching 600 times its original size. The Invista Company is the one that provides us with this material.

All of our suppliers have the OEKO-TEX quality certificates.

In the case of organic cotton, we also work with the GOTS certification, in all its productive chain.

Our cotton suppliers also have the following certifications:

GRS (Global Recycled Standard)



BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)











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