Our differential values


Our differential values

What are ZD Zero Defects' priorities?

ZD Zero Defects has strongly believed since its creation in three fundamental principles that represent our values and believes for our products.

Which are?

These three pillars are QUALITY, COMFORT, and DURABILITY.


Our first dogma is quality. ZD would not exist as such if it wasn’t for its high standard on quality. A good quality product implies that our factories must be supplied with the best prime materials available in the market such as the Giza cotton, originally from Egypt and known worldwide for its good long fibers.

We also make garments using soya fiber, and extraordinarily soft material that benefits our skin with all the properties of this protein, such as its moisturizing characteristic or its absorbing effect that eliminates any feeling of humidity or wetness. On top of that, soya is naturally a deodorant and anti-allergic material, impeding any allergic reactions even on the most sensitive skins. Plus, soya fiber is 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, so it doesn’t pollute or harm our environment.

Another material we employ is organic cotton, a material that produces items of excellent quality and comfort; like soya fiber, organic cotton is good and beneficial for our skin and planet.

ZD also manufactures with 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton, also known as Fil d’Ecosse; it comes from the most exclusive cotton and creates garments with unmatched softness and gloss which also help transpiration.


Regarding our conviction in comfort, it is our strongest and foremost believe, and the foundation for the other two. ZD started with the idea of creating garments that could adapt to the human anatomy, or, in other words, that could feel as a second skin, as we always describe it. The reason is our belief that human skin is the most elastic material there is and its elasticity should not be hampered by any fabric placed on top of it.

Earlier on, there were no knitting materials with an elastic nature to make underwear garments the way we wanted. Thus, ZD had to work hard to create an elastic material from cotton by adding Lycra, and ZD achieved it. After realizing this ambition, ZD became the pioneers utilizing this new textile to create men’s underwear. Later on, after proving the success and acceptance of the result, we expanded the production line to include women’s underwear, pajamas, and socks.

We can honestly state that comfort is guaranteed in all ZD Zero Defects’ products.


Our third and last principle, but just as important as the other two, is our belief in durability. All of ZD’s garments are handcrafted, with noble materials of the highest quality that remain naturally flawless as time goes by; their properties are not reduced throughout the years, even after extensive use or washing.








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