A run through the knitting industry


A run through the knitting industry

100 years manufacturing underwear.

ZD Zero Defects factory’s headquarters has been located in the same spot for the last century, in Mataro’s downtown. A hundred years ago, Mataró was a great knitting-textile industrial center. This type of textile industry creates garments that are flexible, comfortable and adaptable to humans’ bodies, perfect to make underwear garments.

The knitting industry from Mataró was also known for providing fibers and garments to other textile industries around the area; keep in mind that the city and surrounding areas concentrated a great number of qualified professionals who were essential in the manufacturing process.

ZD Zero Defects started with the firm purpose to become a part of this group of Mataro’s textile companies; our contribution was to be the creation of top-quality underwear that would be made only from the best materials available and through a completely controlled handcrafted process (yarn preparation, winding, knitting, cutting, confection, and production) to ensure a perfect zero-defects garment. Those were our first steps and intentions. And so, we started with some baby clothes and shortly after moved on to designing men’s underwear and t-shirts. At that time, our brand-name was Caperucita and Cargol.

It was around the 70s that our company changed its name to ZD Zero Defects, reflecting our search for excellence and our goal to create items with Zero Defects.





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