How is the pandemic affecting ZD Zero Defects?


How is the pandemic affecting ZD Zero Defects?

COVID19 effects.

ZD has decided to write this blog to share with our customers how the COVID19 pandemic has impacted our factories and production.

What effects is the COVID 19 pandemic having on us?

Like many other companies, the current pandemic has had a great effect on our business. ZD’s main market is local, nation-wide, and more precisely uses the traditional sales channel of physical establishments, both small shops and larger department stores. Because the closing down of many shops due to the large drop in sales, ZD, as the manufacturer of products, also had to cut down partially our activity. Finally, today, we have recovered our full staff and are 100% operational.

One of ZD’s main concerns in these difficult times is to maintain our current production system in place and up-to-date. That means that our stocks have to be filled with prime materials to cover at least the production of six to nine months. This system allows us to face any possible incidence regarding the supply chain or a product shortage. We were forced to temporally stop our production line; not only shops were closing down but we already had enough stock to cover our online sales. Yet, we were able to manage that short-time production slowdown with no impact in our customer service.

ZD has adapted its production line during this crisis by producing entirely depending on the demand from our customers. The fact that our products are manufactured solely in Spain allows us a greater flexibility, a shorter response time, and a more direct customer service and communication line.

Regarding our suppliers for extra components and accessories, they also come from local or proximity markets.

However, our prime material suppliers are from all over the world: Egypt for cotton, Italy for mesmerized cotton, USA for elastane (spandex). Sadly, this pandemic knows no borders and has expanded in these and many other countries. Thankfully, our stocks so far have been enough to cover our regular production necessities and to maintain our sales chain and business as usual.

In our headquarters, however, many things have changed. We have adapted our habits and prepared our workspaces to comply with safety and health standards and regulations issued. We invested in safety equipments and partitions. And staff and visitors were instructed to comply with the protection measures in place, use personal protection like masks and hydroalcoholic gel or maintain a safe distance among them.

These stressful times bring out the best and worst in people. At ZD, we are proud to have observed the human quality of all members in our team. They are professionals completely involved and engaged with the brand and the work they do. ZD would not be the same without them. Their individual strengths to face these adverse events have made the company stronger and have brought hope and serenity to handle the future.

Additionally, ZD feels extremely honored and lucky by the fidelity of our customers that have been loyal throughout the years. A local, sustainable and handicraft industry like ours would not survive more than a century if it weren’t for our dedicated team members and our good loyal customers. So, thank you all.




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